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Norma Özlevi: Norma Marmara Üniversitesi, İngilizce Öğretmenliği mezunu, çeşitli ilkokul ve anaokullarında öğretmenlik yaptı. 10 senelik eğitim deneyimine sahip olan Norma iki çocuk annesidir.

Özge Çapçı: Özge, Koç Universitesi Psikoloji bölümünden mezun olduktan sonra, Londra’da University of Westminster’da Psikoloji üzerine yüksek lisans eğitimini tamamladı. Tarabya’da Adil Çocuk Evi’nin sahibi olan Özge, okul öncesi yaş gruplarında Rehberlik ve Danışmanlık alanında deneyimlidir.

Ethel Adıvar: Ethel, Koç Universitesi Psikoloji bölümünden mezun olduktan sonra, Londra’da London School of Economics’de Psikoloji üzerine yüksek lisans eğitimini tamamladı. 1 çocuk annesi olan Ethel, çeşitli anaokullarında çalışıp, okul öncesi yaş grupları ile deneyim kazandı.

Güneş Çapçı: Güneş, Bilkent Üniversitesi İşletme bölümünden mezun olduktan sonra, Newyork’ta Pace University’de MBA eğitimini tamamladı. Tarabya’da Adil Çocuk Evi’nin sahibi olan Güneş, idari ve finansal işlerden sorumludur. Adil Çocuk Evi’nde buluşan bu ekip, okul öncesi eğitimindeki tecrübelerini bir araya getirerek Ark Daylight Learning Center’ı kurmuşlardır.

  Our Goal
DayLight has created an environment in which children can keep intact the ‘magic’ and ‘dreaminess” of childhood. The atmosphere is intimate, home-like and harmonious. The classroom is set up to encourage imaginative play and the creative process. The materials available have been chosen to allow small and large motor skills to develop in an organic way. Our school encourages individuality and the development of a child’s personal, social, moral and intellectual development, aiming for the child to be confident, have self-respect, independence and the ability to make his/her own decisions in life.   Our School-premises
DayLight is located in a quiet and easily accessible area in Kemerburgaz. We believe in the direct relationship between the organization of spaces and the quality of learning. A relationship based on the fact that a positive learning experience requires a setting where thoughts and motivations are directed towards games and knowledge.

The atmosphere of our school has been created to ensure happy, rich, competent and curious children, who search for meanings through contact with people, spaces and objects. Our objective is for each child to build his/her own knowledge base and skills. For this purpose, we provide spaces full of materials and objects that encourage the natural investigation of relationships and meanings that children constantly seek. Therefore, we ensure that they be accessible and practical, in order to stimulate the child’s natural curiosity and actions as well as their constructive, imaginative and logical capacities.

  The Garden
DayLight Ark premises include over 4,000m2 of private garden space where children can play and enjoy the wonders of nature. For DayLight, the garden is a precious educational resource. The garden is divided into different areas:

• Trees
• Lawn
• Vegetable garden
• The Farm
• Outdoor Classrooms
• Traffic area
• Garden toys
A purpose-built space that fosters exploration, discovery, meetings, initiatives, projects, constructions, celebrations… The children have at their disposal materials such as sand, earth, grass, gravel and tools with which to dig, fill, mix, pour, transport and build. In the vegetable garden the children can experiment with the natural phenomenon of growing different plants.
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